Golden Round Antique Pendant with Orange Crystal Oxidised Jewellery Set-OXDJ-001

Conventional Orange and Olive Oxidized metal Necklace

Rs. 1,200.00

Conventional Orange and Olive Oxidized metal Necklace

1 Necklace

Exquisite Magnificent and Antique.

With its old-world charm and traditional appeal, our golden round antique oxidized pendant has won many hearts. It takes two to four days of meticulous work for our artisans to create each of this finely detailed jewellery, depending on the design. Oxidization, a natural process, in which oxygen combines with metal to give it an antique look, has become a boon for the ladies out there. Pair this piece of jewellery with an elegant kurti or a saree and let it adorn you like a queen.

A huge pendant with a little carving of the idol of a famous Hindu lord, Ganesh Ji in the middle is what makes this piece stand out. And the various little golden peacock motifs adorning the threads of this jewellery with orange and olive thread is what makes it look mesmerizing.

And the good news is that we customize too. It is available with a lot of different thread colors.

This is a Made-to-order Product and will be shipped within 5 to 7 days from order confirmation date.