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Mom-Daughter Combo Dress

Author: Navya Bajaj Remember the times when we look at our childhood pictures. The only thing we would say first is, "Ughhh, what even am I wearing? "Obviously, not looking presentable is now one of our worst nightmares. Now compare your childhood pictures to the pictures of toddlers these days, a total day and night thing it is. Times have made new moms enjoy their toddler's company, especially little baby girls.   New moms these days step out all cheery with their daughters twinning with them and kid me not nothing is cuter and more jaw dropping than that. Whenever we see a duo like such, it never fails us to make us smile. Not only just matching with each...

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"Restyling your unused Sarees is currently in vogue.." remarks Ramya Sekar

“There is nothing like a saree. It accentuates a woman’s body and gives her the best shape.” Taking her love for saree a step further, she has revamped a silk saree into a gorgeous gown. Her experience doing it, she says, was amazing. “We all have sarees lying around in our house that we don’t use anymore. Why not restyle it to give it a Western look and make it of creative use? Or create custom-made matching dresses for you and your little one.”  - Ramya Sekhar

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Safe Online Shopping | Three Steps To Secure Your Wallet

Here’s how you can protect your family from identity theft and other online scams. KNOWLEDGE It’s true that knowledge is power. In fact, the more you stay educated and open minded about these things, the safer you are. Know that the two main ways that using money online can hurt you is – deception and invasion. The risks you face while shopping online are much, much different compared to the risks that you face when you shop in a physical store. You not only need to protect yourself, but also your information. INVEST Buy a good anti-malware program. It’s funny how many people fail to install good anti malware devices, but still they complain about their computers and bank accounts...

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