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Weaves of India - Madurai Sungudi Sarees

Madurai Sungudi sarees are a traditional handloom saree from Madurai, a city in Tamil Nadu, India.   The sarees' vibrant colours and unique designs are created using a tie & dye technique. The process involves using small wooden blocks to create patterns on the fabric before dying it. This results in intricate designs that are specific to Madurai Sungudi sarees. The technique was introduced by the Saurashtrians (present-day Gujarat), who migrated to South India around the 8th to 11th century and settled in Madurai. 'Sungudi' refers to the dotted patterns commonly seen in these sarees. Tamil Nadu's hot and humid climate makes cotton, a breathable and comfortable fabric, well-suited for making sarees. Weavers turn cotton into a lightweight fabric that...

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