Ready-to-Wear Sarees

Author: Kripa Saatvika

Any Indian girl feels the prettiest and most beautiful when they drape a saree. A saree is not just an ethnic trademark for Indian women but also a wardrobe staple because Indian moms ensure that they pass on their prettiest sarees to the next gen ones. In spite of how elegant one might look and feel in a saree, there is still a small and inevitable aversion towards wearing one especially amongst younger women and students. Because sarees are a bit intimidating to drape and the fear of it falling off if not tucked and pinned properly is very much real. 

A recent trend around sarees are ready-to-wear sarees to help out inexperienced saree drapers wear one without all the hassle of draping it with patience. Even if you’re someone who knows how to drape one but are short on time, then ready to wear sarees are a life saviour. These sarees are pre-pleated perfectly and stitched in the bottom which makes draping so quick. All the wearer needs to do is hook the centre part of the pleats to their bottom and pull it with a drawstring after which they can wrap the saree around twice and put the excess over their shoulder, its so simple its sometimes even quicker than a two-minute noodles.

Ready-to-wear sarees are a huge hit amongst college students especially. With ethnic day, festivals, placement interviews and other cultural events, there are several occasion where one might have to wear a saree. But staying away from home for college means no older sister or mother to help you drape a saree and that’s where ready wear sarees swooped in to save the day. From the first day event to the graduation ceremony, young women feel beautiful and confident in ready to wear sarees and unlike the usual sarees, they can move around freer in this too without the fear of pins poking them.

There are a few things to keep in mind though when it comes to wearing pre-stitched sarees. The first one is to get a matching blouse in the preferred material as unlike usual sarees, these don’t come with extra fabric in the end for the blouse but to save time you can also purchase readymade blouses. While draping the saree, do it at the right height while wearing the footwear of your choice especially heels so that the end reaches your feet comfortably. The final step of draping this kind of a saree solely depends on how you want to sport the pallu, whether you’re going to pleat it or leave it floating in the front, its your choice and you can go with either.

Apart from all this, ready to wear sarees have also brought in more designers working on the same for their large clientele as this has become a category by itself. People looking to drape certain fabrics that are hard to pin down like heavy embroidered fabrics, can now opt to get ready made sarees of the same fabric and not worry about anything. So, glam up and drape yourself quicker than someone can say “ready-made sarees are definitely a boon for all saree lovers”.

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