Golden Green and Red  Peacock Pendant Terracotta Jewellery Set

Golden Green and Red Peacock Terracotta Jewellery Set

Rs. 2,550.00

Golden Green and Red Peacock Pendant Terracotta Jewellery Set with Jhumka Sets
Length: 20-25cm on One Side
Jhumkas:-Approx 2.5cm(Medium Size)

The splendid and fascinating piece of terracotta jewellery are in itself a miracle. Ever wondered how something so simple like riverbed clay could be converted into such an alluring piece of jewellery? The desired amount of clay, baked in charcoal and then hand painted with beautiful dreamy colours. That’s all it takes, along with the hard work of our wonderful artisans, who develop a piece of jewellery in around four to seven days. Our artisans are constantly putting in their efforts to make this jewellery worth your very special day.Because you are special to us!!

And the happy part is that we customize too. So, tell our amazing and super-efficient artisans about what you like, and they will make your dreams come true in the form of the most delicate piece of jewellery.


This is a made-to-order product and will be shipped within 7 to 10 days from order confirmation date.