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About Madurai Sungudi Fabric and Madurai Sungudi Sarees

Madurai Sungudi is a cotton fabric which is made in the city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu. Apart from the very famous Madurai Sungudi Sarees, the fabric is also used to make beautiful handbags, pillow cases, shirts, salwar. It is an exclusive fabric which is made traditionally by the Tie and Dye method from the region of Saurashtra in Gujarat. When people from there moved to the Madurai, they also took with them the technique. 

Nowadays, modern techniques are used such as wax printing and screen printing... so as to compete with the variety of other textiles fabrics available. It has also been given the Geographical Indication tag (2005).

Madurai Sungudi and History

As weavers from Gujarat started to move to other parts of the country, some of them also ended in the city of Madurai where they were welcomed by the people and their king. The expert weavers, so that they can please the king, made a gift from cotton fabric and called it 'Madurai Sungadi'.

In Saurashtra, the word 'sungudi' relates to the Sanskrit word "sunnam" meaning "round", representing the circular dots that are printed on the fabric as a prominent and special motif

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