Madurai Sungudi

Madurai Sungudi

Madurai is one of the famous temple cities of South India and is also a tourist attraction.This place is also known for its jasmine flowers, jigarthanda and most importantly the sungudi sarees.

These sarees are made by the Saurashtra communities since the sixteenth century during the Nayak dynasty rule in Madurai. These weavers were the ones who migrated into southern India along with the Nayak dynasty or the rulers. The word ‘sungudi’ is specially denoted to Sourashtra community and is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘sunnam’ which means ‘round’. Thus, sungudi actually means ‘ringed dots’. These ringed dots are spread all over the saree due to which it gives a unique and special appearance to the saree.

Madurai Sungudi sarees are made of pure cotton. Nowadays, women prefer to wear these sarees due to its soft fabric which enhance the aesthetic look and have become a favorite among women of all age groups. Unbleached cotton sarees are being woven by handloom and as well as power loom. After that, the tie-dyeing process is carried on. Sungudi sarees have Bandhani pattern which is lightweight and comfortable for all age groups.

In the past generation, only the natural colors were used in sungudi sarees. Attractive colors like red, deep yellow, maroon, burgundy, deep blue colors were used for dyeing. Nowadays with the modern techniques around, even artificial colors are used for the sarees. This overall evolution in the case of Madurai sungudi sarees has made it more loved among its customers.

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