Screw Pine Craft

About Screw Pine Craft

The screw pine craft of Kerala is used for making various types of mats and wall hangings. It is done by using the leaves of the screw pine plant. This practice has been in Kerala as long ago as 800 years. The mats produced by the screw pine have a significant role in the customs of Kerala. It is considered an honor to present these mats to visitors. 

The traditional method for extracting the fiber of screwpine leaves involves coconut fiber. The coarse fibers remove the small thorns that appear on both sides of screwpine leaf. These fibers are processed, i.e. dyed and tied together into small clumps. The raw fibers are cooked in boiling milk for some time. This helps to cure them and makes them silkier. Authentic screw pine products can be quite expensive. 

Induction of Screw Pine Craft as a GI Product

Tough and artful screw pine mats are very popular amongst locals of Kerala. However one can also find delicate artwork done with screw pine hats, purses, tablecloths and blinds. Due to this, screw pine craft is a very popular craft amongst tourists as gift articles and souvenirs.

Weaving of mats using leaves of the screw pine plants is a craft practiced mostly by women in Kerala and with effect from November 2015, Screw pine craft is recognized as geological indication of goods in Kerela.