Puneri Pagadi

Something about Puneri Pagadi

The Puneri Pagadi is a turban originating from the city of Pune, Maharastra. It was commonly a symbol of pride and honor but over the years the use of the traditional pagadi in India can also be seen amongst youngsters in schools and colleges. The pagadi was introduced in the 19th century by Mahadev Govind Ranade, a social reformer. It is used mostly on special occasions like wedding ceremonies, worn by the groom, and traditional days in schools and colleges.

An Important Accessory

Pagadis are also used as a very important piece of accessory on many occasions, be it a wedding or some prayer ceremony. Some religions also use it as their symbol of honor, that is the Sikhs. Pagadis have also become a kind of trendsetter these days. Many people wear Puneri Pagadi just for the royal look that it gives once you wear it.