Molakalmuru Sarees

Inspired by our Temples - Molakalmuru Sarees

Molakalmuru sarees are a production of a small town, Molakulmuru in the Chitradurga district on the borders of Karnataka. The sarees are stylized with depictions of flowers, leaves, trees and other natural motifs. The fabric of the saree is silk, which takes upto 40 days to finish weaving.

Styles and Patterns

Predominantly, these sarees showcase abstract temple motifs where the border of the saree is interlocked with the shell to produce a temple design.These sarees are woven using dobby looms with a mix of traditional and computer designs.The demand of these sarees can be seen mainly in Mysore, Bangalore, Shimoga and Gulbara. These sarees are worn with traditional gold jewelry on the neck, wrists and ears. Molakalmuru weavers also produce silk brocade sarees with extensive zari work on them, which are often included in bride’s traditional trousseau. Molakalmuru sarees was granted the GI tag in 2011