Kota Doria - Colourful Craft from Kota

About Kota Doria craft

Kota Doria sarees get their name from Kota, a small city in Rajasthan where these sarees were generally manufactured. The term Doria means thread. These sarees are manufactured mainly by the Ansari community of the Kota state, mostly located on the outskirts of the state. 1500 weavers are located in this cluster which is about 15km from Kota city.

The distinct features of this fabric include its intriguing square pattern. The fabric is very lightweight and is most comfortably worn in summers. It is very low maintenance making it one of the favorites of our population.

The unique square weaves are called ‘khats’. This one of a kind checkered weave of the Kota sari is made on the traditional ‘pit looms’. 300-350 khats are made across the width of the fabric and each by 8 cotton and 6 silk yarns. The colors of Kota Doria sarees are generally white or beige colors. However, with passing time and advent of modern technologies, new colors are being fabricated. Since these sarees are mostly in cotton, they are not very difficult to maintain. Simple cold water washing with shadow drying are the only requirements. This makes it one of the more popular designer sarees online.

On the upward trend: Kota Doria

Kota Doria is produced on the very traditional and age-old pit looms with throw shuttle technique. All these processes are carried out by hand. The process of winding and warping is used. The yarns are dyed manually by dipping them in utensils filled with heated water and pre-dissolved dyes.

Though gradually, but the market for Kota Doria craft is certainly growing because of its individuality.With the evolution of new techniques and amazing designs, the demand is definitely set to grow in the markets and create a great appeal amongst any kind of audience for Kota Doria.