1. What is Fashionous?

Fashionous is an online platform which gives you access to the products & services offered by Fashion designers, consultants, Jewellery designers, Tailors and fabric dealers.

  1. How do I place an order for customized Jewellery?

From the jewellery listings choose a product of your choice and then mention the customization instructions in the text box provided. For more information on custom-made Fashion Jewellery please refer the below section on Customized Jewellery.

  1. Do you ship products abroad?

Yes. We ship products all over India and also to many other countries.

  1. What will be the shipping cost for International orders?

The shipping cost for all orders will be displayed at the time of checkout.

  1. What is your Return & Refund Policy?

Please visit the link https://fashionous.in/pages/return-policy to know in detail about our Returns & Refund Policy.

 Customized Jewellery:

  1. What kinds of Jewellery products can be customized in Fashionous?

Currently we are offering customization on Silk Thread Jewellery, Terracotta Jewellery & crochet jewellery. We will be adding more categories for customization in the coming months.

  1. How long does it take to deliver a custom made jewellery product?

Custom made Silk Thread & Crochet Jewellery Products are typically despatched in 7 to 10 days.

Custom made terracotta Jewellery Products are despatched in 10 to 15 days.

In case  there are special customization to be made it may take a longer time to despatch and the same will be intimated during order confirmation.


  1. Can I return a custom-made jewellery product?

Please visit the link https://fashionous.in/pages/return-policy to know in detail about our Returns & Refund Policy.




Tailoring Services:

  1. Why should I use Fashionous for placing tailoring orders?

    Have you ever calculated how much time and energy you waste in making multiple visit to a tailor and also the number of follow ups for delivery and alterations - all in between your busy schedule? Well you should come to us to avoid all these discomforts and for a professional and organized tailoring service. You just need to place order to a tailor of your choice through our platform and we handle all hassles for you. 

We choose our partner designers and tailors through a stringent evaluation process. This reduces the probability of errors and customer dissatisfaction to a great extent. Moreover we handle the logistics, simplify order placing, provide multiple payment options and access to designers / tailors in different cities and regions, oversee the order execution and strive to give our customers a great experience.

  1. Where is this service available?

At the moment, we are offering the online tailoring service in Chennai alone. We will be soon expanding to other cities.

  1. Does Fashionous have their own tailoring unit?

    No, Fashionous acts as a facilitator functioning between fashion designers / tailors / fashion consultants and customers. Fashionous does not directly involve in tailoring. We handle requirement gathering of customer, provide logistics support and order status tracking, handle customer queries and oversee the entire process. We do ensure that the service providers listed in out platform provide excellent quality service and are professionally well equipped to meet the customer's demand. Our partners undergo strict evaluation process before being listed in our platform.
  2. How many tailors are enrolled in fashionous?

As of July 2017 we have around 20 tailoring units / boutiques enrolled with us. We would be adding more partners in the coming months.

  1. How can I place a tailoring order?

            The customers have two options for placing a tailoring order:

  • From the tailor listings given in our website (by visiting the appropriate link under Home>>Tailoring Services) customers can choose a specific tailor and place the order online by providing all relevant details in the appropriate fields.
  • If the customer is unable to choose a tailor of their choice from the listings provided, they can just fill up the tailoring booking form (by visiting the link https://fashionous.in/pages/tailoring-service-booking-form) and we will get in touch with you and suggest tailors based on your requirement.


  1. Who will pick my dresses to be switched?

We have tied up with various logistics players and based on the customer's location  we will assign a logistics partner for the pickup and the same will be intimated to the customer upfront.

  1. What are the dresses that can be stitched using fashionous platform?

As on July 2017, we are offering tailoring services for Women's Salwar sets, blouses, bridal gowns & Lehengas only. We will be gradually adding tailoring services for more products in the coming months.

  1. Will I get designing suggestions? Am I charged for it?

Yes. Basic design suggestions can be provided by our tailors at free of cost. However if the customer is looking for an exclusive design sketch to be created or wants to have a detailed consultation with one of our experts, there will be a charge for the same.



  1. What if I want to give measurements for a tailoring order?

As on July 2017, we accept only orders with a reference measurement garment and we do not have the facility to send tailors to take measurements.

  1. How many days will it take to deliver my tailoring order? Will there be time delay if I order more than 5 dresses to be stitched?

If you choose the service of a particular tailor, the execution time for an order will be the same as shown in the tailor listing.

If you had placed an order by filling up the tailoring form (and not choosing any specific tailor) then we will analyse your requirement and get back to you with the order execution time and other details. The typical processing time for a standard product such as a blouse or salwar set would be somewhere between 7 to 10 days.

  1. What is the role of fashionous in executing a tailoring order?

 Fashionous acts as a bridge between the customers and fashion designers / tailors and facilitates the entire process of getting a dress stitched. We handle the requirements collection, logistics, payments and customer support.

  1. How can I understand the current status of my tailoring order?

We will be providing you with regular updates over email on the status of your order. You can also login to your customer account and check the status of orders.

  1. Can I request changes after placing a tailoring order?

We will not be able to accept changes in requirements once an order is confirmed. As there are various steps involved in executing a custom-tailored order unfortunately we are not in a position to accept ad-hoc instructions after the order is finalized.

  1. Can I get my dress stitched from any tailor listed in the platform?

    Yes, you have to just select the tailor and select the kind of product you want to stitch. 
  2. How do I choose a specific tailor for my order?

    The tailor listings contain information regarding the cost of services, products handled, execution time, reviews and ratings from other customers. You can use the information to filter out tailors of your choice.

In case you need any assistance in choosing a tailor, please send mail us to cs@fashionous.in with a brief description about your requirement and we will be happy to help.


  1. Do you take measurements for stitching?

    As of now we do not take individual measurements. To ensure utmost quality and finish, we would need a proper fitting garment from you for measurement. We will pick up the fabric and measurement garment from you and get the product stitched from the tailor of your choice.

    18. How do I send the fabric and measurement garment for stitching?

    Once you place the order, we will contact you to confirm the order. Following confirmation, our representative will co-ordinate with you for pickup and pick the fabric and measurement garment for stitching.

    19. How do I get the finished product?

    We deliver the finished garment along with the garment for measurement to the address given by you in the order.

    20. How will I specify the design for my garment?

    If you have a picture of the design you need, you can upload the picture while placing order. In that case the tailor will strictly replicate the design on your fabric. We also have a gallery section with patterns listed in it. You can choose any design from that and fill up the design code while placing the order
  2. How do I pay for the service?

You can pay the money online or opt for COD (if available in your region) while placing the order.

  1. How do I know the cost for additional customization for a product to be tailored?

Once the order is accepted, the additional cost for personalized customization (if any) will be intimated to the customer. This cost has to be paid by the customer on / before the  product is delivered.



  1. What if I need alteration on a dress stitched using fashionous platform?

We make sure all our tailor partners strictly follow the customer instructions. Also the stitched products are despatched to customers only after getting approval from them. In rare instances if you require any alteration to be made to the finished product, please send us a mail to cs@fashionous.in along with the details of the required alteration. Our team will evaluate the request and accept / reject the request.

  1. How is an alteration request processed?

Once an alteration request is accepted, the customer needs to send the product to be altered to Fashionous to the appropriate address given in the contact details. Once the tailor processes the request, the altered product is delivered back to the customer.

  1. How many times can I place an alteration request?

The first approved alteration request is processed and delivered free of cost. For Subsequent alteration requests, the customer has to bear the alteration and logistics cost which will be intimated to the customer when the request is accepted.

  1. Do you accept alterations request for a dress stitched by a tailor who is not listed in Fashionous?

No. We do not accept alteration requests for dresses stitched by tailors who are not listed in our platform.