• Bhandhani Saree

If at all there is any fabric that keeps getting famous with each passing year, it is the Bhandhani from Rajasthan.

This saree has been worn in the brightest of colours for over several centuries by Rajasthani and Punjabi women.

There have been several modern twists to this fabric like Cotton Bhandhani, Half and Half etc, apart from the classic mirror and gold style that heightened the glamour and look of the Queens, Princesses and wealthy ladies of the Ancient Rajput Empire.

  • Nauvari Saree


Upcountry, ethnic and exquisite with raw nativity touch – are all the ways to describe the ways the Nauvari saree is draped by Maharashtrian women.  With its distinctive style of draping, it accentuates the body and highlights its charm.

  • Banarasi Saree 

The Banarasi silk saree is one of the finest variants of silk saree originating from Uttar Pradesh (the city of Varanasi), and has its roots seeped into the rich cultural history of Ancient India, with mentions of it in Mahabharata and the Buddhist scriptures.

On account of its Royal Aura, the Banarasi saree will always be a favourite for Brides on their big day.

  • Kanjeevaram Saree 

Kanjeevaram Silk or the Kanchipuram Sarees are South India’s answer to Banarasi Sarees. With their rich colours, heavy silk and intricate handiwork, they have been the ultimate choice for South Indian brides over several centuries.

Mythology says that the Kanchi Silk weavers are descendants of sage Mandaka, which proves that there is definitely something divine and magical about this saree!

  • Tant Saree 

This piece of artistic brilliance looks even greater, when draped the right way. Bengali women make the best out of the intricate borders, and the bright hues by pairing it with the right make up that it deserves. Wear it with a big red bindhi, eyes thickly lined with Kohl, and a deep red lipstick – you have got the Bengali classical look.

  • Mundu Saree 

This saree from God’s Own country has a way of expressing sophistication in simplicity. Pair it with thick golden Jhumkas, an antique necklace, clear flawless skin, with dark eyes and nude lipstick – oh, and a touch of Jasmine would also do – to make you look like a Raja Ravi Verma Painting.


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