Brands related to recycled old clothes

Brands related to recycled old clothes

Upcycled clothing is a way of removing old, damaged, or damaged items and replacing them with new ones. The main difference between upcycled and recycled clothing is that upcycled materials use all existing clothing components to make new ones, but with recycling, the materials must be dispersed and then reused. Here are some brands that are related to recycling old clothes.

Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro is a vintage retailer. Its customers sift through tens of thousands of antique items, but only one in a thousand makes it to the showroom floor. The company came up with a unique alternative for the remaining 999 bits that didn't make the cut by introducing an upcycled Label made entirely of repurposed fabrics. Taking the bits that didn't make the cut and arranging them into massive fabric piles, the company then redesigns based on fashion forecasts, and they are upcycled for future seasons. Another distinguishing feature is the low price point, which makes it easier for ethical shoppers to shop.

Beyond Retro Recycled Cloth Brand


Esther Knight, the founder, and designer of Fanfare is a British fashion brand that is pioneering sustainability in the industry. The slow fashion movement is ingrained in this brand's DNA. Unlike fast-fashion houses, the brand only releases one collection per year. Aside from that, the brand promotes recycling used clothes by redesigning them into new pieces. Fanfare sources unique vintage pieces – primarily denim and outerwear and upcycles them into opulent designs. The design team creates one-of-a-kind pieces by embroidering and embellishing offcuts and production waste.

                                                    Fanfare recycled old clothes

H&M Group

H&M Group's garment collection program began in 2013, and since then, 78,000 tons of clothing have been collected through customer donations at stores around the world. Customers can bring in any textiles in any condition—from worn-out sheets to ratty T-shirts , in exchange for 15% off their next in-store purchase. Textiles are sent to a facility where they are classified: re-wear, reprocess, and recycle. From there, they’re either sold as secondhand goods, regenerate into alternative garments, or softened into textile fibers to manufacture other products.



Another emblem devoted to creating the maximum out of used denim, Madewell additionally companions with the Blue Jeans Go Green application to show recycled denim into insulation for housing projects. It accepts denim from any emblem in change for $20 off a brand new pair of Madewell denim, and donation containers are to be had in shops globally. Since the partnership started in 2014, greater than 716,000 pairs of denim had been accrued from Madewell shops.



Zara offers a clothing collection program that accepts clothing in selected stores under all conditions. It currently also offers in-house collections for certain customers in Spain, Beijing, and Shanghai. When placing an online order, these customers have the option of requesting a free pick-up in a used clothes box on the same day, the customer's new items are delivered. Used clothing is donated, recycled, converted into new fabric or sold to fund the projects of the participating non-profit organizations. Items are properly separated for optimal use.

Zara Recycled Old Clothes

-Mohammed Ismail

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