These 5 Size Tips Will Change Your Life | Hacks, Cheats and Charts

These 5 Size Tips Will Change Your Life | Hacks, Cheats and Charts

There is beauty in how each body type is alluring in it's own way. 

Here is a cheat sheet to pull off the most flattering look, cuz style it's all about the math. 

 1. Your Golden Number 

Did you know that there was a fool proof mathematical formula to a flattering look skirt?

First measure your body length from shoulders to your toes (including heels). Now, divide this by the golden ratio (1.618) and you have your golden number!

Buy dress or skirts that have the length of your golden number, and voila!

You have your perfect length skirt.  

 2. Color Dont's

 Dark outfit, light shrug paired with dark bags and shoes is one of the several fool proof combinations. However, keep in mind the following. Keep the shoes and the bags in the same colour – and if everything in your outfit is light, pop in a dark hat to accentuate the shades.

3. Know your Skirts

 Skirts can be tricky or easy to pull off depending on the kind that you use. We’ve written an entire post about this, read it here.

4. When To Spend / Save

Spend on everyday essentials like Denims, shoes, Blazer suits and Coats. You can save on Statement Jewellery, Party Wear or anything that’s just a simple trend and would fade off quite soon.

5. Glasses and Earrings

While most of us wouldn’t put much effort into these two accessories, and would simply just grab one on the go, it is absolutely essential that you choose glasses and earrings that compliment your face shape.



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