Author: Navya Bajaj

Hemp is one of the earliest fibre plants to be grown. Hemp which is considered to be the closest substitute to cotton is actually a fibre that stands superior to it. In no parameters does it lag behind to cotton. Cotton only gained its beneficence in the earlier times of fashion and is used since.

Now that the world has approximately 7 years to fight for sustainability before it gets out of hands, why not make fashion sustainable?

Not only the fabric hemp is stronger, softer and twice as durable as hemp but the crop hemp also is relatively economical and sustainable, it requires half the water-consumption as cotton and does not require the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides which in case of cotton is used in large quantities.


Hemp fibre is grown traditionally and organically and has lower environmental impact. It is highly breathable, moisture absorbent, and is anti-bacterial. It has always been known for its strength, versatility, and durability.

Though it has the least impact in the fashion industry but that's what we seek to change. Hemp has started to mark its use in fashion and we believe hemp to be future fabric. In all possible uses of hemp, textile usage of India is least, our team firmly believes to change that.

It is high time that we start to question our choices, every single thing we choose to shop ought to start a natural thinking process in our minds about its sustainability.

Our motive is thoughtful and in all means for the best of our planet. If you are interested in custom-made clothes made organically with hemp fabrics, please contact us via Whatsapp by clicking this link or send an email to

Let's not just wait for hemp to be the trend. Let's set the trend.
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