Styling Tips For Girls With Glasses

Styling Tips For Girls With Glasses

Believe it or not, your glasses are your best accessory!  

Here are some essential make up hacks you need to know to pull of that confident, smart girl look. And we live in a great period of time where the cutest and most adorable frames are available that suit almost all skin types and face shapes. 


1. Eyes. 

Go for smokey looks as far as eye shadows are concerned.

And if you want to do liner, ditch the boring old black liner. It not not only comes out as intense, and blocking your eyes but is also quite one dimensional to your bespectacled face. 

Some stunning options are sparkling burgundy, or a deep navy blue liner will really make your eyes pop. 

2. Face 

You need to invest in a good tinted moisturizer!

This would help hide those annoying red marks that glasses often leave behind on your nose. BB Creams and Foundation from your daily routine can be followed up with. 

3. Eyelashes 

This is something most girls who wear specs would relate to. The last thing you want is your long, lashes hitting against your lens, every time you blink or even smile a little! 

Here's a little trick I personally discovered. Curl your lashes before loading up the Mascara. 

Trust me, this makes all the difference and life is so much simpler. 

4. Brow 

I cannot emphasize how important this step is!

Your glasses stand right below your eyebrows, and it wouldn't help to have scanty, unruly eyebrows. So, take a few minutes to fill in those brows and you'd see the huge difference this one step makes in your make up routine. 

5. Lips 

A Bold Frame calls for a bold lip. 

The best thing about wearing specs, is that your lips become your canvas. You can go glossy nude, deep plum, bright peaches to a matte retro red with your glasses, and it would still look blended in. 



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