Red Lipstick – the staple product all over the world.

No makeup bag is complete without a good stick of bold, red lipstick.

Red lipsticks are universal. Apart from the fact that it’s a very universal colour that instantly pops up your face, they’re great on every skin tone, Red Lipsticks are very versatile and can be implemented for multipurpose uses.

Here’s Five Ways you can use your red lipstick.

  1. BLUSH

Red lipstick comes in really handy, and you can use it as a cream blush. Take a little swipe in your fingers, dot them on the apples of your cheeks, and blend them away! You’ve gotten yourself a fresh flush of colour on your cheek. You can build up on the intensity of the blush, from slight and subtle to bright and bold.


Red Lipsticks come in really handy for the fact that they can be added to your everyday routine. Yes, although that full blown bright red might not be ideal for daily wear or to the office, you can take a little bit of it in your fingers, and then dab them on your lips, and blend them over.

This will give you a natural, tinted look.

Instead of investing in all those expensive lip tints, all that you need is one red lipstick.


This is perhaps most simple of all the ways to use red lipstick. Just swipe it on your lips, right from the bullet.

However, remember that red lipsticks can be tricky to work with. Use a red lip liner, to line your lips. This not only gives you a clear defined look, but also prevents bleeding.

And it’s better that you use a lip brush – it gives better control since you’re using dark colours and we don’t want any mistakes.


Nothing says bold and daring like matte red lipsticks!

Just one swipe of matte red lipstick will transform you from sweet and dainty to bold and daring.

Here’s an interesting fact. Did you know that it’s possible to make any lipstick matte?

First apply the lipstick from the bullet, in such a way that you get full coverage. Then, place a tissue right over it and dab some translucent powder with a thick powder brush, and when you remove the tissue, there you have it – the matte lipstick.


This one’s a classic.

A little dab of clear or same-coloured gloss at the centre of your lips can brighten up your make up. Glossy red lips are great for special occasions.  They make your pout look a bit fuller, and if the classic diva Marilyn Monroe swears by it, then you’re in good company.


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