Day to Night Make Up Transformation In 3 Easy Steps | Quick Party Make Up

Day to Night Make Up Transformation In 3 Easy Steps | Quick Party Make Up


It's 6.30 P.M. 

You just got back from a long day at the office, and you need to get ready for a friend's party or a cousin's wedding reception.

Who has the time to clean up your face and being all over again? Using these three simple steps, you can strategically transform a day look to a night look. 

  1. Face 

Invest in a good primer! 

When you get ready for office in the morning, make sure that you use primer on you eyelids and your face, so that the foundation you use in the morning stays in place. This way you wouldn't need to re-apply. 

A night look means you don't have to go serious on the blush - you can even skip it altogether. 

However, your nighttime look needs a little bit of sparkle. Use a good Highlighter to highlight your cheekbones, chin, forehead and neck.

  1. Eyes 

The trick to having a great night time look – to fake it like you put a lot of effort lies in the eyes.

All that you need to do is, use the darker shades in your eyeshadow palette, and simply darken the socket, add a smokey effect with the dark colours, and add a pop of shimmer if you’re in the mood too!

Darken your eyelids with a sharply pigmented eyeliner and line your waterline with smudge proof khol pencil.

Remember that if you retouch your mascara over the one you added in the day time it might look clumpy – so throw in a pair of false lashes for a dramatic transformation!

  1. Lips

Here’s a fail-proof cheat code for the night time party lips. Always choose a shade that’s three times darker than your natural tone. Top it off with a high-shine lip gloss for that party look.  

WARNING: If you're going heavy on the eyes, be careful not to overdo your lips. If you want to use an especially dark or bright lip color, add less eye shadow.

 Trying to highlight both will leave you looking less like a hot mama, and more like a circus clown.

Written By: Balakarthiga. M

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