1. Mix Your Masks

We’ve all had that great moment of doubt when we see all those tubes and bottles of face mask, but we don’t know which one to choose. Here’s where Mix ‘n’ Mask comes to play. For example, put a moisturizing mask on the areas where your skin gets a little dry, clay masks on the oily areas, eye mask to get rid of dark circles and a cleansing mask over your break out zone.

This customisation ensures you’re giving your skin all the benefits and where it needs precisely them.

  1. Primer

A primer is the most essential part of your make up routine. It not only helps blend your make up, but also ensures that it lasts all day, and acts a smooth canvas for your makeup to sit in. But Primers can be quite expensive.

But you can make the DIY version of a primer by this quick hack. Pump out a little of your favourite moisturiser, and mix it with a drop of glycerine – be careful, just a drop would do – and you’ve got the easiest and most budget friendly primer. 

  1. Eyebrows

Eyebrows matter, Girls. They can be game-changing – completely altering the way you look. However, if you have messy, unruly eyebrows, you can get a brow gel – or just take a cotton swab, dip it in water, and run it through your eyebrows like you’re brushing it.

And there, you’ve got it all set.

  1. Cat Eyes

This is a cheat code, girls would kill for.

In order to get that sharp flick with your liner, all that you need to do is take a spoon, and place it on your eyelids where your liner goes, and trace the outline of the liner – and voila!

You’ve nailed it. 

  1. Make Up Remover

It’s very important that you get rid of your makeup, by the end of the day. And we have a wide range of makeup removers in the market, ranging from affordable to high end. 

But the hack we’re going to suggest is something you find in your kitchen.

Coconut Oil!

It’s not only natural, and moisturising on the skin – but the coconut oil can remove even the most stubborn makeup, including you waterproof eye makeup, the liquid lipsticks and the heavy, long wearing foundation.


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