"Restyling your unused Sarees is currently in vogue.." remarks Ramya Sekar

"Restyling your unused Sarees is currently in vogue.." remarks Ramya Sekar

Ramya Sekar is a professional Chennai-based fashion designer who has been styling clothes for movies and models since many years now. Fashionous got up and close with her to get to know some fashion news & tips, fresh from the expert.

Fashion Designer Ramya Shekhar

 We’ve all been stuck in a situation where we are sandwiched between our passion and livelihood. Ramya found herself in such a sticky spot as she tried to manage both her IT career and her passion for fashion design. “I had been designing for models in my free time and I had to turn down many movie offers as my regular IT job was taking up most of my time. After a few years, I made a choice and decided to quit my job to focus completely on fashion designing.”

Characterizing using clothing is something she loves to do. We asked her how she decides what each character should wear and here’s her answer, “That’s a decision usually taken after discussions with the director and cinematographer. I try to understand what kind of a person the character is. For example, a bold and strong person would wear dark, bright colours and a soft-spoken person would go for light or pastel colours.”Reminiscing through the various characters that she has helped create, Ramya says that her favourite one until now is a half human, half lion costume that she designed. “It was innovative and something new.” she says.

On the ground of creativity, we asked her about today’s youngsters’ interest in coupling things that a previous generation would have hesitated to do. What does she think about trends like Indo-Western, Fusion-wear etc? To her, it is an amazing change that we should all encourage people to do as long as it is presentable and makes for a good look.

Sarees from Two States, the yellow kurti from 96. Why do certain looks become heavily popular with the audience? Her answer is simple – relatability. “The audience should be able to relate and use the style that is being shown. If it is something too stylish or too expensive that they cannot wear for themselves in their everyday routine, it becomes difficult for these to attract attention.”

Does she have a personal style code? She sure does. She chooses clothes that she feels suits her body type. On most days you can catch her flaunting an Indo-Western style such as a kurti thrown over a skirt. However, occasion matters too. For a festive occasion she’d rather go for a saree and for a casual outing she would simply pull on a T-Shirt. Talking about accessorizing your clothes and doing one’s make-up, she has a warning to give – never over do. Choose to highlight one aspect while complementing your clothes. If you are wearing a heavy neck-piece, then keep the rest balanced. The same applies for make up as well. Choose to emphasize one part of your face – eyes, lips, your call.

We asked her about the one look everyone should try out at least once. Her answer is silk saree. “There is nothing like a saree. It accentuates a woman’s body and gives her the best shape.” Taking her love for saree a step further, she has revamped a silk saree into a gorgeous gown. Her experience doing it, she says, was amazing. “We all have sarees lying around in our house that we don’t use anymore. Why not restyle it to give it a Western look and make it of creative use? Or create custom-made matching dresses for you and your little one.” 

Redesigned Silk Saree

Have an old saree that you don’t wear anymore but can’t throw out because you love it so much? Or a saree to which you have memories attached to but wearing sarees are really not your thing? Bring it to us now! Taking her lead, Fashionous now brings to you customized gowns and dresses, made from your sarees. You can get in touch with our experts through facebook messenger or Whatsapp us by clicking on the whatsapp button below. 

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