Fabrics & Clothing for the Monsoon

Fabrics & Clothing for the Monsoon

When the rain gods shower their blessings the going gets tough for fashionistas. The wet and murky weather needs appropriate clothes to look perfect. You cannot allow the dampness in the air to dampen your spirit. So here are some fabric and style suggestions for the wet days.

Cotton: Yes, you heard it right. Though cotton is perfect for summer, it also works during the monsoon because if you are in a humid place even though it rains outside, you tend to sweat a lot. Hence cotton is also perfect for rainy season. They are airy and keep you comfortable.

Mul: This is much softer than cotton, and it is in vogue for the rainy season. It keeps you comfortable as it light and is perfect to handle sweat and rain.

Silk: Though this may sound a bit out of place, lighter variety of silk is great during the rainy season. This fabric is just the one for the fashionable you as it gives you a chance to dress up in style during monsoon. Silk stays straight during all the rainy mess and also it dries in a jiffy.

Denims: It is thick and it is stylish. Pull out your denim and adorn them during rain. Wear denim jackets or a denim caprice and look stylish. Even with a little bit of mud stain they look stylish. So if you are to travel in the rain, wear them.

Nylon and Chiffon: Oh yes, they are life savers during rain. It is a must in every woman’s wardrobe. It is super stylish and also perfect to fight the rain gods. They dry so fast that you will bless yourself for wearing them. Just go for it.

Handloom: Stay chic and sophisticated even when it is pouring outside. Handloom, like cotton is airy and comfortable during those sultry days. Handloom is epitome of elegance and you cannot go wrong with it.

Along with the right fabric it is important to choose the right kind of dress during monsoon


It is best to wear free flowing dresses rather than body fitting ones during rainy season. If you have to wear body hugging ones make them short like the one in the picture.

 Blue Polka Dress

Short skirt:

It is advisable to wear short skirts during rainy season for all the obvious reasons. Long skirts can get easily spoiled and also add weight in case you get wet.



Best thing to wear for casual occasions is denim capris or any 3/4 pants. They are best when you travel outside during rainy season.



Wear jackets of any style during rainy season. They not only add an extra cover during rains, they can also keep you warm whenever required.

 Denim Jacket

Cotton Kurtis:

Keep you long salwars aside and wear short cotton kurtis along with capris or 3/4. They are best for the sultry monsoon and they are light too.

 Rampwaq Short Kurti


Author: Malini Krishnanunni

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