Conscious Spending, Shopping Smart

Conscious Spending, Shopping Smart

Young people, and especially college students hold an infamous reputation for being under-financed. 

Emotions play an important role in shopping. They can affect your shopping behavior. You must eliminate the urge to be an impulsive and spontaneous shopper. Young people should realize that instant gratification is the demon that kills their wealth. 

Quite often, they forget that you want does not necessarily have to be what you want.    

We are going to show you how you can learn how to budget, save money and still have a fabulous life, in three very easy step!

  1. Use cash, not card:

When you are shopping, and you see something really attractive and equally expensive, it becomes very easy to swipe your card, push four little buttons and own the product – but if you want to be money savvy, this should be one of the first products that you kick out.

  1. Think and Plan:

You need not do a detailed analysis or a four page report for every purchase that you make – but it is advised by financial experts that you can make sure you plan your shopping expenses.  Never, and we mean N-E-V-E-R rush into the counter with an item that you first saw as you entered the store. Read the terms carefully, keep your receipts and examine the warranty policies. 

  1. The Budget:

 It doesn’t matter if you’re just shopping for your daily groceries or if it’s a big fat Diwali purchase – you need to make sure that you have a budget. Budgeting also doesn’t mean you buy the cheapest thing that you see on the store. In fact, it is the exact opposite. Instead of buying the cheapest products, invest in quality. This is smart shopping – because you are paying the price for value and higher quality products would last longer.

Money going digital has brought in a lot of benefits as well as threats.

It works both ways – you are safe and you end up saving!


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