We all love to shop. Most of us begin our training as excited shoppers right from when we are kindergartners. But as we grow up, we let go of our constraints, and begin shopping more leniently.

We become adults with stress issues, and thus we become emotional buyers. If we are sad, we shop, if we are happy we shop, if we are bored, we shop. The mall becomes our safe haven.

This is exactly why we need to go on a shopping diet, just so that we can ensure that we have a healthy wallet.

  1. Temptations Are Evil

Stay away from temptations by finding different uses for my time. Why, you ask? Because you need to ensure that you are not shopping just because you’re bored.

  1. Make Lists

Go in with a shopping list and stick to it. Yes, you will be tempted to pick things that aren’t on the list

the list, but you can always put it back while you check out.          

Remember, making a list is easy. Sticking on to it is the important part.

  1. Needs Vs Wants

The conflict of needs versus wants is the most important one you’ll ever need to strike out. So, how do you realize if something is a need or a want?

When you are overcome with an impulsive buying desire, go home and return to the mall after a week. If you still think you need the product in your life, then yes, it’s a need. Else, it’s just a want.

Remember, conscious buying is an art that’s mastered over several years of practice. Getting on a shopping diet will be like a little experiment where you’ll learn more about yourself, and discover aspects of yourself you did not even know existed in the first place!


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