Styling For Saree

Even as a little girl, you sure might have been fascinated by the way your mother perfectly drapes her saree around her, and you might have even had a clumsy attempt at it with your tiny little hands. But as you grow up, and then starting from farewell parties to Diwali, you’ll find yourself flaunting a saree more often than not.

Here are some tips to make sure that your look is completely fabulous.

  1. Know your Saree

As we go up and across the geographic region, the style of sarees also differ just as vastly. Based on the nature of the textile, your saree might be plain, synthetic, printed or even designer Indian!

The sarees that hail from north India include tanchoi, tissues, shikargarh brocade and amru brocade,to name a few. Kancheepuram stands as a King of Sarees from South, especially when it comes to bridal collection.

  1. Right Make Up

The best thing about wearing a saree, is that you get to play bold with your make up. It’s time to unleash the artist in you, and get creative!

You can colour your lips red, go for smoky eyes and of course never miss out a red bindi to complete the look. Or you can go with a nude-make up where the only emphasis is on your thick Kajal rimmed eyes, and you go light on the lips – perhaps a hint of gloss for that dewy freshness. 

  1. Right Hair Do

 The idea is to look as elegant and sophisticated as possible – and you need to make sure that your hairdo speaks urbane classiness. Some of the fail proof styles are: Low Base Medium Bun, a simple long braid, thick banged fishtail braid and silky smooth straightened hair let loose. 

Out of all the trends that come in and go out – a saree is a style statement that never loses its charm. They’re universal, and they make you look beautiful, no matter what your age, colour or body type is.

It is the epitome of equality.                                                                                                           

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