Ikat Sarees

Ikat Sarees

As per earlier sources of information, Ikat dates back to the 12th century when the artisans from the Patan region of modern-day Gujarat migrated to Orissa. The Ikat technique has its origins in different parts of the world such as South America, West Africa, etc. This technique is one of the most ancient techniques of dyeing fabrics. The term ‘Ikat’ is a derivation from the Malay word ‘mengikat’ which means to tie or to bind. Ikat is an elaborate dying process which is done with silk or cotton fabrics. Ultimately, the end result is a piece of cloth bathed and glittered in colorful patterns. Orissa Ikat is basically associated with saris.

The making of Ikat patterns is a tad bit different from the tie and dye processes. Ikat patterns are dyed and bound into the threads before the cloth is weaved, whereas in case of the tie and dye process the fabric is woven in the first place. Orissa Ikat uses a process called ‘resist dying’. The core fabric materials used in the Orissa Ikkat are silk and cotton. And the tools required for carrying out this process are dye vats, scissors, rubber bands, or other tying material to resist dye.


Orissa Ikat is present in three main forms that are single Ikat, combined Ikat, and double Ikat. Orissa Ikat sarees which are of low ranges are used as daily wear and the premium ranges sarees can be used as festive wear. These sarees have also appealed to the modern world with many celebrities wearing and showcasing these sarees.

For a saree designer, it is imperative to be aware of the sartorial taste of a buyer; to be able to wade through what is there on their mind. An integral element for every sari lover is to have a distinctive appearance with a style that showcases her penchant for nothing but the best. It is here that traditional prints make their grand entry. Among these prints, Ikat fabric is one which has always been popular for its unparalleled beauty. Ikkat or Ikat refers to the dyeing technique used to create designs on the fabric. Bundles of yarn are tightly wrapped together and then dyed to create a desired pattern. Once it’s dyed and dried, the weaver lines them on the loom to weave it into Ikkat fabric. It is an incredibly complicated process but worth the beauty when one witness the final outcome.

Pure Silk Ikat Saree

Global passion for Ikat sarees has seen an unbelievable upsurge owing to the fact that several designers have included Ikat fabric in their collection. It is suddenly the talk of the fashion industry. Even the West seems to be besotted with the charm of Ikkat sarees to make an appearance in ethnic clothes. There is an upsurge in the demand of Ikat saris as it brings out the gleaming debonair of the inner self of the saree lover. If you are enamored with the beauty of these sarees and wish to buy Ikat sarees online, we at Fashionous are the best platform.

Ikat silk sarees or Ikat pattu sarees as it is called in some regions of India, are a stylish option to go for while planning for a casual get together or even an office gathering. The absolutely unique flavour of Ikkat silk sarees is so different from the regular silk patterns and hence imparts a stunning look to the wearer. If you are a lover of cotton fabric, we at Fashionous have an amazing collection of Ikat Cotton Sarees too. They are what you need to an everyday wear special and unique. Ikat saris at Fahionous offer various styles and patterns and are available in hues that make them all the more desirable for a woman to own them. Browse through our collection of Ikat sarees for astounding detailing of this print in a voguish charm. Buy them dear friends, to stay stylish today and forever.

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