Bandhini Sarees

Bandhini Sarees

Bandhani or Bandhej sarees are a gift to the world of fashion from the vivacious land of Rajasthan. These are some styles that never go out of style. The age old craft of Bandhani print have survived the passage of time to retain their charm as always. Bandhani print are associated with the tie and dye technique of fabric wherein the fabric to be dyed is tied very tightly at different points in knots. They are then dyed with bright colours and allowed to dry. The knot patches remain uncoloured and thus form a pattern. Somehow when one thinks of Rajasthan sarees, the moments of joy, celebration festivals and weddings flash in an instant. Such is the magical charm of Bandhani print that the name evokes a delightful spirit. At Fashionous we want to see your happy self clad in one of Bandhani sarees  that we have to offer.

Hand-weaved Bandhini Saree

The artisans have experimented with a variety of fabric and design to suit your need for different occasions. Bandhani silk sarees are classy and glamorous and are apt to be worn for special occasions like wedding and other celebrations. A Rajasthani bride’s pride is a Bandhani print saris. This is now true for most brides all across the country as girls witness the vibrant charm of Rajasthani Sarees and wish to include them in their wedding trousseau.

Hand-weaved Chiffon Bandhini Saree

Bandhani cotton sarees at Fashionous are also a vision of graceful beauty. They make an excellent daywear and owing to the soaring temperature range of most parts of our country, it makes a wise choice as well. Ladies, if you wish to buy Bandhani saris online visit our store at Fashionous. The mesmerising collection will compel you to buy more than what you had intended to, such is the essence of their beauty. Wishing all of you a delightful Rajasthani Bandhani sarees online shopping.  At Fashionous we know you deserve the best and it’s our commitment to bring you the most exclusive. So splurge in shopping, dear ladies, you are going to love your buy!

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