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Jewellery that is beautiful, sustainable, customizable and also reasonable - sounds too good to be true isn’t it? Now such fantasies are realities with terracotta jewellery. Intricate eco-friendly jewellery hand-made from clay is a fast-growing trend.
The current fashion landscape in India is all about reviving home-grown crafts and hand-made processes, and with this, terracotta jewellery has made a comeback.  It is a material that can replace heavy precious metals but is still just as trendy and chic in design, as well as environment friendly. Not to mention affordable! The life of the modern Indian women has multiple occasions and events, and with more and more women wanting more variety to choose from, pocket-friendly and beautiful accessories are in high demand. And we haven’t yet come to the best part - each piece can be customized to match an outfit!



This means you can have a terracotta accessory hand-painted to the same colour as your saree or salwar kameez to create a truly elegant and  well-groomed look. Each piece can  also be embellished to add to its  charm, for example beads are added  onto traditional jhumkas. The  talented terracotta artists  hand-  sculpt earthy clay into the required  design. Intricate almost microscopic  design details are added and then  the process of hand-painting starts. Since pieces can be customized, the  piece you buy can be exclusive and  one-of-a-kind.

The process sounds simple, but requires expertise and precision.Terracotta jewellery is essentially jewellery made from clay, the soil of the earth. It is an art, and there are many skilled women and men from villages and cities engaging in this indigenous skill. Terracotta jewellery is not just any accessory. Each piece empowers and supports a terracotta artisan, and tells the story of the creator’s craft and toil.


 It is when earth becomes art that  each  piece of covetable terracotta  jewellery  comes to life!!

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