7 ways to look stunning this Bridal season

7 ways to look stunning this Bridal season

Having nightmares of not looking your best on your life’s most important day? Not to worry, every bride has been there and done that. To help you out of this stressful situation, here are 7 ways to look stunning this bridal season.

  1. Choose your colour The world looks pretty because of the splash of colours around. Even the best of celebrities can look dull while an ordinary college girl may look extremely glamorous simply because of the magic of colours, which is why you must know your colour.

For this you need to understand your skin tone and embrace it. It is a very simple logic to go for contrasts – dark colour for light skin tone and vice versa.


Bridal Dress

  1. Know that less is more You don’t need to be studded with stones and glitter from top to bottom to have a regal look. You can have a royal look with right amount of work and perfectly teamed accessories. Therefore, it is important to have the right balance.



  1. Team your accessories in every possible way – Remember that everything, even the tiniest bindi makes or breaks the look. So, don’t be afraid to spend a few extra hours to experiment your accessories.



  1. Footwear is important It is true that looking a few inches taller in high heels can be really good for your big day but if you are not comfortable in them then don’t go for it. Today one gets a number of customised footwear and trust us, this is one thing you shouldn’t be compromising on.



  1. Hairstyle? Don’t shy away from simple open hair. Not always is an updo required, plus this is your day to be different from mainstream so why not explore all options? The technique of choosing the right hairstyle again resonates with the outfit and the accessories.

  1. Do a good research of your makeup artists There are a number of Indian brides who can better be in a horror movie than in their wedding. To save yourself from being one, do some research before choosing your make-up artist and also try to understand the basics of make up yourself. In fact, it is always better to know and decide your look than to completely depend on artists.



  1. Lastly, dont forget to express yourself This day is your day and so your look should only enhance your own personality. Be bold or go for delicate work, go for light shades or simply choose the darkest shade, whatever you may do, be sure to be yourself. You must remember that you are pretty and beautiful, and that is what truly makes the bride shine amongst a thousand guests.
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