Bridal Essentials

And so, it’s your Big Day. You want everything to be perfect. Your dress, your hair, the venue, the ceremony itself, the food….well, the list just goes on and on.

 So we’ve put together a list of products that are absolutely essential for every bride’s makeup bag.

  1. A Primer

There are a lot of Indian Women, who still aren’t aware of or don’t believe in primers. Well, as a bride, you should definitely not be one of them. A primer is essentially a product that makes sure that your makeup stays in place, and lasts all day – and doesn’t move and mix. It ensures that your face is prepped as a clean, stable canvas, into which you can create a masterpiece with other products.

To sum it up, it’s a crime not to prime!

  1. Foundation

When you’re getting married, you need to choose a foundation that not only lasts long, but also photographs well. After all, the last thing that you want is for your Make Up to look flashy and gaudy under the lights and camera!

Remember, the key is to make sure that your make up glows under any light.  .

Make sure that your foundation matches your skin tone perfectly. Going lighter than your actual skin tone may make you look all cakey and fake, and going for a darker shade may make you look yellow.

  1. Concealer

Weddings can be exhausting. And if you’re a working woman, sure you’ll be blessed with those dark circles and puffy eyes because of your hard work. This is where a concealer becomes absolutely essential to give you that fresh, healthy and blemish-free look.

  1. Face Pallete

This should contain a blush, a contour, a bronzer and a highlighter, that accentuates your features and help chisel your face shape by bringing in some shape and colour!

Invest in a good highlighter, because as a bride, you need to have that fresh, innocent glow.

Make sure that you get a setting powder – a compact with a lasting effect if you have oily skin to keep your skin matte. Even if you don’t have oily skin, you’ll surely need the compact just so that you can set your make up in place.   

  1. Eye Pallete

Your choice with eyeshadows are as vast as your budget. Right from a simple quad-pallet to a 124 color kit, you can get your hands on anything you can afford to play with. Remember to have colors that cover the basic golds, pink, shimmery bronze and soft corals.

Eyeliner, Kaajal and Mascara are a must and it’s very, very important that you invest in something that’s waterproof – cuz you never know how emotional weddings can get!

  1. Lips

One thing all fashion experts will agree upon, is this: They all believe that a bride should have a lot of lip colour options.  

Your lipstick reflects on your mood, your outfit, and the occasion. When you go heavy and bold on the eye makeup, you need to have soft, mellowed out colours on your lips.

The god old classic red lip look is a go-to, for the Indian bride clad in a red and gold Lehanga or a heavy Kancheevaram Silk. Make sure that you line your lips precisely with a lip liner, to prevent any unwanted bleeding.

If you want to go gloss, make sure that the shade of gloss that you pick is either clear or of similar shade to your lipstick. 

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