Block Printing Training offered at Weavers Service Centre

The Weavers’ Service Center, Chennai provides training programs specifically focused on block printing, a traditional art form that involves creating intricate designs using carved wooden blocks. These training programs aim to equip aspiring block printers with the skills and techniques necessary to excel in this craft. Here are some details about the block printing training offered at the WSC, Chennai:

Introduction to Block Printing:

The training program starts with an introduction to the art of block printing. Participants learn about the history, cultural significance, and various styles of block printing, both traditional and contemporary. This session provides a foundation for understanding the craft and its relevance in the present context.

Block Printing Training at Weavers Service Centre

Design Creation and Carving:

In this segment, participants are guided through the process of designing and carving wooden blocks. They learn how to translate their creative ideas into block designs, transfer the designs onto the wooden blocks, and carve them meticulously using carving tools. Emphasis is placed on precision, detailing, and achieving the desired patterns.

Block Printing Design Creation

Colour Preparation:

Block printing involves the use of colours paste solution to transfer the design onto the fabric or surface. Participants are taught about different types of colour mixing techniques, and the preparation of vibrant and long-lasting colours suitable for block printing. This session covers aspects such as colour consistency, colour saturation, and compatibility with different fabrics.

Printing Techniques and Practice:

The training program focuses on teaching participants the various techniques used in block printing. They learn how to apply colour paste to the carved block, handle the block while printing, and achieve uniform and clean impressions on the fabric. Different printing methods, such as direct style printing and resist style printing, may be covered, depending on the curriculum.

Block Printing Design Creation

Fabric Selection and Preparation:

Participants are educated about different fabrics suitable for block printing and the importance of proper fabric preparation. They learn techniques for pre-washing, drying, and steaming the fabric to ensure optimal printing results. Understanding the characteristics and behaviour of different fabrics is crucial for achieving the desired outcomes.

Troubleshooting and Quality Control:

The training program also addresses common challenges and troubleshooting techniques in block printing. Participants learn to identify and rectify issues such as uneven printing, smudging, or colour bleeding. Quality control measures are emphasized to ensure high quality and consistent prints.

Exploration of Design Variations:

As participants gain proficiency in block printing, they are encouraged to explore and experiment with different design variations. They learn how to create intricate patterns, incorporate multiple colours, and layer designs for more complex and visually appealing prints. This segment allows for creativity and personal expression within the art of block printing.

The block printing training at the Weavers’ Service Centre, Chennai offers a comprehensive learning experience, covering design creation, carving, colour preparation, printing techniques, troubleshooting, and design exploration. By equipping participants with the necessary skills and knowledge, the centre aims to promote the traditional art of block printing and support the growth and sustainability of this craft in the region.

Conclusion :
The services offered by Weavers’ Service Centres aim to empower weavers, enhance their skills, provide marketing opportunities, and improve the overall sustainability and profitability of the handloom industry. These centres play a crucial role in preserving traditional craftsmanship, promoting economic growth, and uplifting the livelihoods of weavers in Chennai and the surrounding areas.

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