Paithani Sarees

From the Paithan town - Paithani Sarees

It refers to the variety of sarees that are produced in the town of Paithan in Maharashtra. Paithani Sarees are considered to be one of the richest in the country, owing to the fact that they are completely hand woven and uses fine, rich silk for the production.

Earlier, they were only produced for buyers who had specific requirements and sophistication. They can be easlily characterized by its border which usually contains square designs and its pallu with peacock design. A traditional paithani saree is made up of silk and zari. Earlier, cotton base was used but with time, silk bases started being used and today cotton base is obsolete.

More about Paithani Sarees

They can be differentiated on the basis of motifs, weaving, and colours. And they come in various price ranges as different silk threads can be used according to customer preference.

In the days of Peshwa, gold was used along with copper to make the border and pallu, which gave it strength. Today, silver is used and gold plating is done in zari. It is completely hand woven and various master weavers work together to make one. No doubt, Paithani Sarees will always be the part of our rich, authentic, traditional culture.