Chettinad Sarees

Chettinad - A Heritage Land known for its Culture, Handcrafted tiles, majestic architectural mansions, cuisine and Hand-woven Sarees is located in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. Chettinad cotton sarees are woven by Devanga Chettiyars, who are the skilled weavers from ancient days.Chettinad Cotton Sarees are also known by its name kandaangi sarees. These Handloom sarees are usually made out of cotton, though these days pure silk are also incorporated and use distinctive palette of colours with earthly tones. These sarees are very popular because of their unique qualities like colour, pattern, authenticity and heritage.

Chettinad sarees have traditionally used heavy cotton and are very thick and not translucent. Nowadays the thread count has also been increased to make the saree more smooth. These sarees are woven with Pit looms / Raised pit looms with flying shuttle weaving technique. Originally 3 shuttles were used to obtain contrast solid coloured borders in both sides of the saree, presently the same is seldom used. The contrast colour borders together with the horizontal and vertical stripes give a very striking and plush look to the fabric. The elegant Kandaangi borders have merged beautifully with embroidery designs and chic colorful patterns.

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