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Bhagalpuri Sarees

Bhagalpuri Sarees - Made from Bhagalpuri Silk

In most of the other types of sarees, the difference lies in the technique used for weaving the material. Now, Bhagaluri sarees not only use a unique dyeing technique but are also made from Bhagalpuri Silk or Tussar Silk. Initially vegetable dyes were used for the dying process but now synthetic dyes are preferred as they are suitable for the silk and is readily available in the market too.

This art of making Bhagalpuri Sarees started back in the 19th century when some handful of highly skilled craftsmen used to work on it and now there are around 30,000 weavers working in handlooms for the same. The trade is flourishing and nearly half of it comes from export. Bhagalpur Silk has also been given the Geographical Indication (GI) tag, according to which it offers legal protection to artisans/manufacturers against exploitation of the name by others for their products.

You can go through the article here on the Times of India website.

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