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Smart Apparels

Want to get a glimpse of how the fashion industry would be in near future? This article takes you through the possible inventions that could make our life so much easier. Have you ever thought of operating your smart phone devices with your clothes? Guess what? We might get to do that pretty soon!

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Augmented Reality in Fashion

Author: Mohammed Ismail Fashion is without a shadow of doubt the most innovative and fastest growing industry that has increased the standard of beauty by engaging consumers and developing innovative strategies. In this article, we are exploring the applications of AR Technology in the Fashion Industry. Ever since the cognitive revolution, humans' ability to innovate has shaped the world around us which led to the invention of new technology that has evolved exceptionally. People from different walks of life are intrigued by the way technology is progressing at a profuse rate in the digital world.   Augmented Reality (AR) is one among many which was introduced in the fashion industry which imbued them to revolutionize the entire business of fashion....

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