Smart Apparels

Smart   Apparels: 

We are a generation of creative people who have a pragmatic approach towards 

innovation and this era is sure to go down in history as an epitome of technological 

advancements. Technology has become inseparable from our lives and body which 

has influenced even the way we dress giving way to utilitarian fashion. After the 

huge success and skyrocketing sales of fitness wearables, apple watches, Fitbit, etc, 

the fashion world has evolved and shifted towards wearable fashion technologies 

like smart apparels, e-textiles, etc. 

Smart   fabric   and   how   they   work: 

A recent survey by the World Economic Forum (WEF) reveals that 92.1 per cent of 

corporate leaders believe 10 percent of people will wear clothes connected to the 

internet by 2025, and 85.5percent believe 105 per cent of eyewear will be 

internet-connected. It's quite amazing how smart clothing has drastically impacted 

the fashion industry. Smart apparels are sensor-based and this new generation of 

clothing will redefine the industry of fashion and health. These so-called smart 

fabrics can track data and interact with the person in the environment that the user 

resides in, naturally, this will increase the number of applications based on 

technological fabrics. There is a micro-sensor that serves as an additional element 

that allows these fabrics to read the body heat and movements of the wearer, it 

allows the wearer to receive the data in real-time. Smart apparels are durable, as 

well as the fact that integrated sensors are diminutive and washable, so the user has 

no reason to stress about dry cleaning. There has been an upgrade in smart fabrics 

which serves its purpose to charge mobile devices. This unique technique is 

leading the fashion industry and people who are willing to invest in this 

technology. Customers are interested in functional aspects of clothes and they are 

more than happy to invest their money if these apparels have additional functional 


Meanwhile, electricity-conducting fabrics are also being developed and they are already available in the market. Though the main purpose is to detect the body 

temperature and provide comfort to the wearer, these smart clothes can even 

function as integrated music player at the same time which goes way out of the 

norm. The new smart apparels and fabrics didn't exist in the market until recently 

with the rise of ubiquitous usage of social media and digital platforms, because 

these advancements have made customers pretty conscious of their environment 

and fashion becomes not only a means for expressing their exuberance, but also for 

staying connected as a whole. And technology is the glue that holds these two 

dimensions together. Through intelligent designs, these smart clothes have been 

developed to adjust basic elements such as temperature, odour and making them 

sensitive to touch. 

Future   of   Smart   apparels: 

Conglomerate tech giants like google have shown keen interest in the development 

of smart apparel that can turn plants and jackets into touch panels for mobile 

devices. This fabric is conductive, which allows user to access their smartphones 

by just sliding their hand along the fabrics. Apparel and accessories in the future 

will be smart and functional. Fashion is no more about just style and comfort but 

also about technology and staying connected. It is not going to be long before 

wearable technology and smart clothes become a norm rather than a fashion 

statement. It is a pleasure to be in touch, literally.



(Image source : Google and H&M's Ivyrevel coded couture project | Source: Courtesy)

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