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          A motif is the most basic unit from which a design is formed. It is generally developed from different combination of geometrical shapes. Motifs are repeated in different ways to create a pattern whereas patterns are repeated to create designs. Therefore a motif has a distinct identity of its own in a pattern or a design. Indian motifs has its own heritage value and are closely linked to natural, cultural, religious and socio-economic factors prevailing in  Indian society. Most of the traditional motifs are often inspired from nature. PEACOCK MOTIF -  Peacock which is now the national bird of India is the symbol of Indian ethnicity, tradition and exquisiteness. It is often associated with rain and...

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Kota Doria

Kota Doria sarees get their name from Kota, a small city in Rajasthan where these sarees were generally manufactured. The term Doria means thread. These sarees are manufactured mainly by the Ansari community of the Kota state, mostly located on the outskirts of the state. 1500 weavers are located in this cluster which is about 15km from Kota city. The distinct features of this fabric include its intriguing square pattern. The fabric is very lightweight and is most comfortably worn in summers. It is very low maintenance making it one of the favorites of our population. The unique square weaves are called ‘khats’. This one of a kind checkered weave of the Kota sari is made on the traditional ‘pit...

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